The Sugar Club is the fourth restaurant opened by Peter Gordon who is a famous New Zealand-born, London-based chef. The restaurant is located on Level 53 of Auckland’s iconic Sky Tower.  The restaurant itself does not rotate like the restaurant “Orbit” which is a level below. There is also complimentary valet parking for people who dines at the restaurant in the car park below.

360 degree view of Auckland @ The Sugar Club

The moment we entered the restaurant I was amazed by the breathtaking views. There’s a lounge bar near the entrance, with comfortable looking sofa and wines in the background. According to the restaurant website, the decors were inspired by 1930s Art Deco Italy with stone table tops and brass fittings. Overall the restaurant has a clean and contemporary feeling.

The Lounge Area @ The Sugar Club

The entrance @The Sugar Club

The menu here is not degustation or A la Carte, instead it is made up of various small dishes which encourages people to order and try wide range of flavors and ingredients. The food here is best described as “Fusion Cuisine”. You can either select two dishes  (NZD$56), three dishes (NZD$70), four dishes (NZD$84) or five dishes  (NZD$98) per person for lunch. You can choose desserts for one or more of your dishes. The amount food in the three dishes are equivalent to a starter and a main. The menu combines the best seasonal New Zealand Produce with exotic ingredients around the world. Many of the ingredients used were of Asian origin such as goji berries and coconut sago which was quite unique for me because they were used in a non Asian style of cooking. The restaurant is located on the same level as Sky Walk, a popular activity that allows people to walk on the edge of the Sky Tower.  During dining, we saw various groups challenging their limits by walking 192m above the ground with no handrails, only safety harness attached.

The people doing sky walk @ The Sugar Club

Beautiful lunch setting@ The Sugar Club

The dishes were a good mix of fusion with stronger flavoring compare to The French Cafe we had yesterday. We ordered 5 dishes and 1 dessert all together and was quite full afterwards. The waiters were very friendly and had a pleasant small talk with a Swedish waitress.

Complimentary rice cake @ The Sugar Club

JUNIPER CURED VENISON- golden beetroot, apples, goji berries, hazelnuts, sherry vinegar jelly

SPINY CRAYFISH AND OTAGO SAFFRON LINGUINE- pinenuts, aged parmigiano reggiano

GRILLED SPIRITS BAY SCALLOPS- cauliflower, macadamia shrimp sambal

DAY-BOAT FISH- clams, coconut, tofu, ginger carrots, kale, aromatic curry paste

CRISPY PORK BELLY- solomon’s gold and pepita mole, tamarillo, tamarind caramel, cabbage

FEIJOA CHEESECAKE- feijoa sorbet, shortbread, meringues, blackberry compote, apple

Complimentary Dessert with coconut sago pudding, citrius sorbet and passion fruit pieces

Be sure to request for a table next to the window when making reservations, it is different to the restaurant Orbit down below where all the tables are next to a window. Entry to the restaurant includes complimentary visit to the Sky City observation deck which is located on Level 51; this alone costs NZD$28 per person. It is definite worthwhile to dine here if you want to take friends to observation deck, which is great built with the use of Fiberon decking which have been known for being great materials to build decks.

Thank you for dining @ The Sugar Club

The Sky Tower Observation Deck at Level 51

It was a great experience to dine here since you can see the amazing view of Auckland skyline. I would love to come here at night and look at the night view. Unfortunately the menu is the same for dinner but slightly higher price. I would probably consider to come here at night time  for a drink instead.

Glass floor on Level 51 Sky Tower Observation Deck

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  • Wow! One of the most luxury places I have seen. I have a business trip to New Zealand in August, it seems I'll visit this restaurant and try looks like delicious food.

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