Number 12 Cafe – #12 Cafe @ Adelaide, SA

At lunch we went to a breakfast and lunch café on Halifax Street called Number 12 Cafe in Adelaide. The café is quite close to King William Street with many business buildings around. At lunch time the place is packed with people lining up to get takeaways for lunch. As it was our day off we were casually ordering and seated our self in the spacious café. The Number 12 Café is very spacious inside and the tables were very spread out. They have a sandwich bar where you can build our own with fresh ingredients. They also have an open fridge with pre-made baguette and sandwiches.

Predominantly a sandwich bar with few lunch and breakfast specials.

They make their coffee fresh here with one of the ladies slaving away on the coffee machine for the whole time. We picked out lunch from the lunch menu on the board which there were only a mere three option to select from. We also ordered the chai latte which we order from every café as a tradition. The Chai latte here tasted quite creamy and not much chai taste according to Winny. It tasted quite alright in my opinion.

Chai Latte

Winny ordered Roast pork and mango salad which contains mixed lettuce, cucumber, red onion, fresh mango and zesty mango vinaigrette. It was quite a simple salad but was quite a refreshing taste. The roast pork isn’t oily and therefore made the salad quite a healthy one. The taste was mainly relying on the mango vinaigrette which was a little zesty and sweet. We quite enjoyed the salad although I probably can make this dish easily at home as the ingredients are all quite simple.

Roast Pork & Mango Salad- mixed lettuce, cucumber, red onion, fresh mango (AUD$11.90)

I ordered the Greek-style chicken burger. The burger patty was very well made. It contains fetta and the patty was quite thick and full of fresh chicken mince. There were sour cream, tomato, lettuce, red onion, rocket and beetroot in the burger. The burger has quite good taste with the combination with all the ingredients and it tasted super healthy. The bun did get quite soggy quickly and was falling apart half way through the burger. I believe a more solid bun probably would make the eating experience a more pleasant one.

Greek-style chicken burger- chicken mince, fetta patty with sour cream, tomato, lettuce, red onion, rocket, beetroot (AUD$10.90)

The amount of people lining up for food shows that this place is definitely a popular choice for quick simple food for all the office workers around King William road area. Winny and I were quite happy with our healthy lunch in the relaxing atmosphere of Number 12 cafe.

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York Chiang