Mexican Society of Chinatown @ Adelaide. SA

Mexican Society of Chinatown is a new establishment opened by the same owners of Hispanic Mechanic. It is meant to be a Mexican & Chinese fusion restaurant, which is an interesting concept. A group of us came here last Saturday night for a birthday dinner. There were two types of banquet available, one was AUD$38.88 per person and the other one was AUD$58.88 per person.

Inside Mexican Society of Chinatown on a Saturday night.

Below are the photos I took for each dish that we had in the “AUD$38.88 per person” banquet.

Complimentary prawn crackers.

The prawn crackers were quite flavourful, not like those cheap ones in some Chinese restaurants.

TOTOPOS: house seasoned corn tortillas with tomatillo-morita salsa

ELOTE: grilled corn on the cob brushed with coffee mayonesa, tajin & grated parmesan

CEVICHE: Fresh white fish, cilantro, red onion, dehydrated sweet potato & tomato in a coconut Habanero broth

WINGS: 5 spice chicken wings sticky, smokey sweet chilli sauce & peanuts

Tomato rice doesn’t have much flavour. 

CRISPY PORK RIBS: With sweet black vinegar glaze, mixed field greens, cilantro, watermelon, red onion & lemon vinaigrette

ENSALADA MEXICANA: spinach, frisse, rocket, baby chard & lollo rosso in a flour tortilla basket w capsicum, cherry tomato, dried apricot, pineapple, feta cheese, kale, leek, herbs & strawberry-morita dressing

MISTER LEE & JOSE: chicken seasoned with sesame & chillies on a car rot-orange purée, pickled red cabbage, spinach, cherry tomato & jamaica-habanero-honey salsa

PESCADO DEL DIA: Today’s grilled fish with beetroot-morita purée, shaved apple, fennel and jicam salad with rocket & mango-rosemary salsa

The vanilla bean ice cream that came super late.

Overall the portions were decent for the price. I can understand why some people are not used to the Mexican and Asian mix, it was a bit unique when Asian ingredients were cooked in Mexican methods. However most of the dishes were quite tasty and have quite strong flavours. The service was slightly slow towards the end of the night, but that’s understandable given it was a busy Saturday night.

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