Lonsdale Street Roasters (Canberra, Australia)

It was a chilly Saturday afternoon, York had just flew into Canberra from Adelaide that morning. We were staying at Clifton Suite on Northbourne Avenue, this eatery was conveniently located 2 streets away. Their website looked quite good, so we decided to give it a try. Even at 2pm, Lonsdale Street Roasters was packed with people. There were many benches outdoor, with one large table for people to share.

The outdoor seats on a chilly Saturday afternoon

Lonsdale Street Roasters itself was quite spacious inside, we were surprise that all the tables inside were taken. The menu items were written on the wall, which made it quite hard to decide what to order while moving in a line. There were no drink menus available, so we asked what’s there to order at the counter, the guy just pointed at the bottled juices right in front of him. Due to the pressure of being in a queue, we just randomly picked 2 bottles of orange and apple juice. Which was over-priced after looking at the receipts. Plus I believe that only freshly squeezed juices can provide you the real vitamins.

The place to take orders

After we placed our orders at the front, we had to go outside for a table. It was a sunny day in Canberra, however the temperature was only 5 degrees Celsius. It was too cold drinking those juices (which annoyed me even more), York went to the side of the store to get some takeaway coffees. I think many eateries in Canberra have a main section for diners and a little corner outside for takeaway drinks. It was a bit of a wait for the coffee and the food.

Many people buying take away coffees outside

Finally the order came. We ordered “Duck club sandwich- spinach, eggs, tomato, lettuce, ranch & fries” and “Beef brisket sandwich- smoked for 9 hours & slaw & espresso BBQ sauce”. The price of the burger was reasonable, I do think the fries that came with the duck club sandwich was unnecessary and the whole dish costed $5 more than a pure burger.

Duck club sandwich- spinach, eggs, tomato, lettuce, ranch & fries

Beef brisket sandwich- smoked for 9 hours & slaw & espresso BBQ sauce.

Although I complained about the fries with the sandwiches. The sandwiches themselves were very nicely done. The duck was flavorful with good mix of spinach, eggs, tomato and lettuce. It was impossible to eat the whole sandwich in a whole bite. I tried, I almost broke my jaw. The beef was very tender and the flavor was very nice. I have no doubt that they smoked it for 9 hours. I am usually not a fan of slaw, however this slaw didn’t gross me out. I guess that is because the only slaw I ever had was from KFC and that prevented me from ordering any other slaw in the future.

Enjoying our burger and sandwich

I was definitely content with the quality and quantity of the food at Lonsdale Street Roasters. I am not sure if the breakfast menu will be as generous. I do think it is good their breakfast is all day breakfast, however the lunch menu is only after 11.30 am. One thing I found it quite cute for this eatery was the use of tool boxes on the table to store cutleries and tissues. It was quite windy sitting outside and certainly these tool boxes will prevent things from getting dusty and tissues being blown away. Overall I think if you live in the neighborhood, this is not a bad place for catching up with friends.

Lonsdale Street Roasters

23 Lonsdale Street. Braddon. ACT 2612


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