Etto Italian Street Pasta @ Melbourne, Australia

On our last day in Melbourne, York took me to a very nice Italian place in South Melbourne called “Etto Italian Street Pasta” . The place was 20 minutes walk from the place we stayed, we stayed at Crown Metropolis within the Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex. Even though the store was small, it was packed with people dining inside and mainly takeaways. The place mainly does pastas, but they also pizzas as well. Basically you choose the taste of sauce you want and then select the pastas, it was tough for me since I love pastas and there seemed to be unlimited combinations!

The fresh in-house pasta and people constantly lining up.

At the end we decided on “Black Truffle and Salami with crunchy herb breadcrumbs and Chilli Linguini” and “Waygu meatball Polpette- 100% Waygu mini meatballs in a Roma tomato napoli sauce topped with crunchy herb breadcrumbs and Spinach Linguini”. The food came out pretty quick and I instantly fell in love with the pasta! It tasted so good, many Italian restaurants aren’t even comparable. Especially for a dish under AUD$15!

Our delicious Spinach Linguini and Chilli Linguini

The chilli linguini had a very distinct taste which blended well with the black truffle and salami. Although I do think the Waygu meatball might go better with the chilli linguini instead of spinach linguini. Nevertheless, it was delicious! If I live in Melbourne I will definitely come here every day and try everything on the menu! We loved the pasta so much and was tempted to buy some pasta back home with us to Adelaide. However, there were no spaces left in our luggage for these babies. I definitely encourage everyone to try some cheap street pasta!

Read in Chinese 中文版: 墨爾本手工 義大利麵 Etto Italian Street Pasta  (平價又好吃!)

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