On October 2015 we took Qantas flight QF8425 in conjunction with Emirates from Perth to Istanbul on Boeing 777. The first part of the journey from Perth to Dubai took 10 hours 55 minutes. This was my first time changing my meal to “Emirates Low Fat & Low Cholesterol” option, that made me urge to visit www.sinfulvegan.com nootropics supplements site to learn more about low cholesterol meals and healthy diets. I also changed York’s food option to “Emirates Seafood Meal”, which I will show you in the next post.

The first leg of the journey Perth to Dubai.

Emirates Low Fat/ Low cholesterol Breakfast

The first meal on the plane is breakfast as the flight departed at 6.05 am local time. My main consisted of omelettes, baked potatoes, spinach and tomatoes. There were no added salt or cream in this meal, which is great since I like plain food!

Low Fat/ Low cholesterol breakfast.

In my meal, the bread has been changed to high fiber biscuits, where as York got a croissant. My yoghurt was a plain 99% fat-free Greek yoghurt and York got a Raspberry yoghurt. York also got some extra biscuits and his omelette was changed to fish fillet which I wasn’t sure if he liked that at 7 am.

Very healthy baked potatoes, spinach, tomatoes and omelettes.

As for others, they were served with either “Scrambled eggs with chives, grilled chicken sausage, fried potatoes and roasted tomato” or “Tomato and cheddar Frittata with has browns, baked beans and sautéed mushrooms” together with a croissant and butter/ jam.

Emirates Low Fat/ Low Cholesterol Lunch Part I

After several hours of sleep, it was finally time for our next meal before we landed in Dubai. Due to the time difference, this meal was considered to be “lunch”. The normal menu for this meal was “Baba Ghanouj: Middle Eastern-style baked aubergine dip” with either “Lamb marinated in aromatic spices and slow cooked with rice, garnished with fried cashew nuts, raisins and onions” or “Roast Chicken with Mushroom sauce served with roasted baby potatoes and grilled vegetables”.

Low Fat/ Low Cholesterol Lunch.

As expected I did not get the aubergine dip, instead I got some salad and seasonal fruits. My main was steamed chicken and baked potatoes with tomato sauce and some vegetables. The chicken tasted very healthy. It was bland and no flavoring at all which I personally do not mind but many people would not like this taste. My salad dressing was “Lemon olive oil dressing” instead of “French Vinaigrette Dressing”.

No chocolate or banana cake for me either.

I also did not get a banana cake or the small piece of chocolate that you can eat at end of the meal. I must say I was a little disappointed at lack of sweet things in my meal, however I was impressed at the details Emirates kitchen put into for creating this low-fat meal.

Emirates Low Fat/ Low Cholesterol Lunch Part II

Our second leg of the journey- Dubai to Istanbul was still on a Boeing 777. Due to the time differences we were having another lunch again. As expected I did not get banana cake or chocolate, but this time I got some sort of tart and chicken salad. Compared to York’s Emirates seafood meal, he got the banana cake but with prawn salad instead.

My second Low Fat lunch from Dubai to Istanbul.

The normal mains for this flight were “Roast Chicken with Thyme sauce served with mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables” and “Lamb with rosemary sauce served with steamed rice and stir-fried vegetables”. For the Emirates low-fat meal we got Atlantic salmon served with vegetables. It was lightly seasoned and good quality too. This was my favourite so far! resurge

My main was Atlantic salmon, so delicious!

York also had the same main dish as me since his one was the seafood option. Although by now he was a bit sick of 3 seafood meals all within 24 hours. As this flight was only 4 hours 35 minutes, we only had one meal.

Emirates Low Fat/ Low Cholesterol Dinner

My last Emirates Low Fat meal was on the flight from Athens to Dubai after our trip. During this flight, York was sick of the “healthy” food options, so we changed to normal meals for him. He ordered “Roast chicken with pesto served with peperonata, creamy polenta and sautéed broccoli”, the other option was “Lamb Ragour with pomegranate and apricot sauce, saffron rice and creamy spinach with artichokes”.

York’s roast chicken with pesto.

His came with a delicious chocolate mousse and cherry compote, where as mine was replaced with seasonal fruits. Even my salad dressing was extra virgin olive oil with balsamic from Greece, which I was happy about. My main was less exciting, plain rice, chicken and steamed vegetables. The chicken was tender and well cooked, I really enjoyed it.

My healthy chicken slices with rice and vegetables.

Conclusion for Emirates Low Fat Meal

The reason why the food on the plane is high in sodium and has strong flavours is because our taste buds becomes less sensitive at high altitudes. Therefore it is very important to stay hydrated while on the plane. Having low fat/ low cholesterol/ low salt options allows the passenger to continue eating healthy during the flight. If I were to choose again, I wouldn’t mind choosing Emirates Low Fat meal option again as they have a good balance of food and flavours.

For all the possible food options, please visit Emirates Dietary Requirements Page.

For information on transiting in Dubai, the following article will help you with planning.

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  • Hi Winny,

    Your detailed post has been very helpful to me as I was wondering whether this option by Emirates has artificial fat substitutes passing as low-fat (like low-fat cream). Glad to know that it is mostly healthy chicken and a variety of veggies. Hope it's this good on our flight this week.

    Reading your post was enjoyable too!


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