7 Course 1 Star Michelin Lunch for €35 @ Nectari Restaurant. Barcelona

This was my third time in Barcelona and we thought it would be nice to find a good value Barcelona Michelin lunch. From the Michelin Guide’s Official Website we found that there are 26 restaurants in Barcelona awarded Michelin stars. Many of these Michelin restaurants offers good value Michelin lunch sets so we look a little further to find one with the best value.

Introducing our €35 Barcelona Michelin 7 course lunch set.

We found an article saying there there are Barcelona Michelin lunch sets available for around €45 so we did a search on TripAdvisor and found a restaurant called Nectari Restaurant. On their official website, there were no menu, nor prices but we did find a comment on TripAdvisor saying that Nectari Restaurant offers €35 lunch set. This restaurant ended up to be beyond our expectations!

The restaurant was empty when we arrived at 1:30pm for our Barcelona Michelin lunch.

Nectari Restaurant was around twenty minutes walk away from the old town area. There were no tourist attractions close by, so that is probably why the lunch set is comparatively cheaper to the the other Barcelona Michelin lunch menus. People in Spain eat their main meals significantly later so when we arrive at the restaurant at 1:30pm, we were the first ones at the restaurant. We were slightly annoyed when were were offered the English menu with no €35 lunch set. It was only the “a la carte” menu and the €150 eight course Tasting Menu. We were only offered the €35 lunch time menu upon request. However, clearly this menu is not made for tourists as it was written only in Spanish.

Nectari’s lunch time set menu available Monday to Friday. It is a top value Barcelona Michelin Lunch.

Nectari Restaurant does not serve house water or tap water, but water is included in the lunch menu. In general, you don’t have to worry about ordering anything else other than other drinks. On the menu appears to be three entree, one main (two choices) and one dessert. The person serving us was a young gentlemen with perfect service manners and could explain each dish with fluent English. Before the entree came, we had some home made chips to nibble on.

House made chips from Nectari Restaurant

The next dishes served wasn’t on the menu either. They were watermelon dipped in sangria and melon dipped in tequila, it was quite refreshing. What also came with that dish was home made seaweed cookies with seafood paste inside. Tasty!

Pre-entree dish. Sangria and tequila infused watermelon with cookies

We were then served with our warm and crusty bread with four different types to choose from. Plain bread, onion bread, herb bread and olive bread. They kept offering these nice breads when they see us finishing them. They also serve the bread with some very nice olive oils which I believed to be herb infused.

We were offered these very nice breads and they keep topping them up!

Finally we had our first entree called “gazpacho con gambitas y brunoise de verduras” which was Spanish prawns with a cold soup made from lobster and vegetable puree. It sure was tasty and can surely open up our appetite.

The cold soup was poured onto the plate after it was served.

The next dish was “Croquetas de Ternera Mediterranea”. The croquettes were made quite nice and we had two each. It was quite nice and a good start to our lunch meal as it could fill us up a little. Although the croquettes were fried, they weren’t oily and weren’t sickening at all.

Traditional Spanish croquette which we had two each.

By now we thought the next dish was our mains but our entrees weren’t even finished. The last of our entree was Salmon Tartar. Normally Tartar are made of beef and this was the first time having a fish version. We quite enjoyed this dish and salmon was perfect to be eaten this way. Although the ingredients used were quite Asian, but it was fitting for a fine dining. We thought the portion of salmon was very generous for a lunch menu.

This was the first time eating salmon tartar and we found it very refreshing

Finally we were onto the Mains! We were quite impressed with the arrangement of this meal and the portions given on each dish. By the time the mains were served, we were still hungry for the mains, but by the time we finished the mains we felt quite satisfied. By this time the restaurant was full and many business people were here to discuss work. The wait staff were directly offering them the €35 lunch menu.

The restaurant began to fill up when we were half way through our meal.

There were two choices for mains, fish of the day or Costilla (pork ribs) and we chose one of each. The pork we had in Barcelona were all very tender and delicious and this meat was not any different. They even de-boned our pork ribs so we could eat it witch ease.

Deboned pork ribs. Tender and delicious.

The Fish of the Day was a local Spanish white fish. It melts in the mouth and very fresh!

Fish of the day, fresh and melts in the mouth!

Their dessert didn’t disappoint either. We had a very beautifully decorated chocolate brownie with white chocolate mousse. It was delicious and the whole dessert wasn’t sickening sweet. The dessert was pared with some berries which finished our meal off very nicely.

Very well decorated dessert and very tasty!

We spent two ours eating this lunch and the environment was very pleasant. Our waiter was very professional and always served from our right. They were very careful with each procedures such as regular plate changes, even when we barely used our first plate which used to catch the juices from the watermelon. The lunch set was way over our expectations and we highly recommend anyone who come to Barcelona to try this restaurant!

Very happy with our dining experience at Nectari Restaurant. We highly recomend everyone else to try this place!

Nectari Restaurant- €35 Barcelona Michelin Lunch

Address:  Carrer de València, 28, 08015 Barcelona

Phone number: 932 26 87 18

Booking adress:
  • Check TripAdvisor for the latest reviews before booking
  • €35 is only available at lunch and does not include 10% VAT, Available Monday to Friday.
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